Episode 15 – I Didn’t Ask For It And I Didn’t See It Coming

  • Ryan Fagan joins us this week
  • An Evangelist uses a family portrait of the Dunphy family from Modern Family for use on a pamphlet titled “Biblical Principles of Child Discipline”.
  • A man in his underwear is shot by neighbor after he was robbed by burglars.
  • Grant explains the concept of a strip club to Ryan
  • Aaron is livid after learning that Grant does not watch Breaking Bad
  • Questions!!! We ask Ryan a series of questions.
  • The gang plays Patent Pending

Episode 14 – Definitely Not Friends


Aaron and Grant decide to take things into their own hands and in a guest-less Podcast Podcast.

  • Some kids solidified their legacy as their Nerf gun fight turns into a school lockdown by police who were told that there was a real gun fight.
  • A one man rave causes €100,000 of damage to a German government plane. The man accused of the rave, Volken T is Podcast Podcast’s first entrant to the Baller of Fame.
  • One Japanese man donning a Power Rangers uniform is helping people at a train station.
  • A unidentified carcass washes on a Spanish shore. The news claims that we’ll never know what it is, that is, until the next day, when a scientist explains it all.
  • Researchers can determine a box office flop based on Wikipedia views, entries, edits.
Podcast Podcast Episode 13 - Seance Seance

Episode 13 – Seance Seance


This special episode of Podcast Podcast is our first ever, and possibly the last, Seance Seance. Grant obtained a Ouija board from a wise blonde female at Toys R’ Us, looked some stuff up on information superhighway, and put together what seemed to be an epic event of contacting the dead.

We’d like to apologize in advance for the inconsistent audio quality as getting quality sound from five men surrounding a planchette is not as easy as it seems.

Joining our Senace Seance Crew:

  • Sean O’Donovan
  • Ryan Guy
  • Cory Layton

Episode 12 – Fit For Duty

  • Dallas Ross talks about his many employment opportunities
  • He also explains his ability to talk up young women at Starbucks
  • He also does a great Who Framed Roger Rabbit? impression
  • The USPS wants to deliver beer
  • The Gang plays Red Light Green Light with a surprising twist

We forgot to take a picture of Dallas, so we have a picture of Dallas on a map.

Episode 11 – Frankie Says Relax

  • Frankie Steele joins us as guest
  • Frankie performs her new song “The Perfect Song.” It was indeed perfect.
  • She also explains her past and current employment and a grudge against Pepsi
  • Aaron and Grant play Red Light Green Light
  • We talk about a serial female runner harassing a New Mexico homeowner by pooping in his alley each weekend. A strange Podcast Podcast motif has arisen
Frankie rocks out while Grant tries to ride her success

Frankie rocks out while Grant tries to ride her success