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Episode 16 – Diversify Your Bonds

  • Zach Schüm returns with his Skylander collection
  • Zach also explains his new Taco Marathon competition with his work buddies
  • The gang plays Red Light Green Light
  • Aaron and Zach go to the future to see what Grant puts in his Time Capsule
  • A French Consulate worker tries to enter Israel with gold, tobacco, and a lot of chutzpah.

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Episode 7 – Pesos Only

  • Zach Schümm joins us for this week’s episode
  • Zach talks about his bout with influenza and his sordid birthday outing
  • We learn about something called Skylander, and Zach is the only adult fan
  • We discuss the Paypal’s insistence on a Galactic Currency
  • Aaron explains BitCoin expertly
  • Grant and Aaron play Red Light Green Light
  • The gang does some time traveling, Grant was left behind in Feudal Japan
Grant is engaged by Zach's Skylander addiction

Grant is engaged by Zach’s Skylander addiction

Zach's sick robot skills

Zach’s sick robot skills