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Episode 17 – Things Have Gone Awry

  • Ryan Guy from Turtle Soup Podcast¬†joins us for some Ninja Turtles trivia and such.
  • A Christian school in the Netherlands destroyed $20,000 in literature to because the “peace” sign was considered anti-christian.
  • The gang plays Red Light Green Light.
  • Ryan answers a series of rapid fire questions


Podcast Podcast Episode 13 - Seance Seance

Episode 13 – Seance Seance


This special episode of Podcast Podcast is our first ever, and possibly the last, Seance Seance. Grant obtained a Ouija board from a wise blonde female at Toys R’ Us, looked some stuff up on information superhighway, and put together what seemed to be an epic event of contacting the dead.

We’d like to apologize in advance for the inconsistent audio quality as getting quality sound from five men surrounding a planchette is not as easy as it seems.

Joining our Senace Seance Crew:

  • Sean O’Donovan
  • Ryan Guy
  • Cory Layton