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Episode 17 – Things Have Gone Awry

  • Ryan Guy from Turtle Soup Podcast joins us for some Ninja Turtles trivia and such.
  • A Christian school in the Netherlands destroyed $20,000 in literature to because the “peace” sign was considered anti-christian.
  • The gang plays Red Light Green Light.
  • Ryan answers a series of rapid fire questions


Episode 16 – Diversify Your Bonds

  • Zach Schüm returns with his Skylander collection
  • Zach also explains his new Taco Marathon competition with his work buddies
  • The gang plays Red Light Green Light
  • Aaron and Zach go to the future to see what Grant puts in his Time Capsule
  • A French Consulate worker tries to enter Israel with gold, tobacco, and a lot of chutzpah.

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Episode 12 – Fit For Duty

  • Dallas Ross talks about his many employment opportunities
  • He also explains his ability to talk up young women at Starbucks
  • He also does a great Who Framed Roger Rabbit? impression
  • The USPS wants to deliver beer
  • The Gang plays Red Light Green Light with a surprising twist

We forgot to take a picture of Dallas, so we have a picture of Dallas on a map.

Episode 11 – Frankie Says Relax

  • Frankie Steele joins us as guest
  • Frankie performs her new song “The Perfect Song.” It was indeed perfect.
  • She also explains her past and current employment and a grudge against Pepsi
  • Aaron and Grant play Red Light Green Light
  • We talk about a serial female runner harassing a New Mexico homeowner by pooping in his alley each weekend. A strange Podcast Podcast motif has arisen
Frankie rocks out while Grant tries to ride her success

Frankie rocks out while Grant tries to ride her success

Episode 9 – A Twin Unto Himself

  • Grants learns a new word: Aplomb
  • Aaron rants against back-in parking
  • Aaron explains how he continuously benefited greatly from fights during middle school
  • Grant claims that he has the most Ghostbuster memorabilia
  • Grant and Aaron play Red Light Green Light
  • Good times had

Grant & Jeremy