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Episode 10 – Kaiju Please Pass the Popcorn

  • episode10Both John Christian S and Sean O’Donovan join us for our special 10th Episode. Double digits, bitches!
  • John Christian S enters into a contract with Grant, Sean, and Aaron to never reveal his last name on the podcast.
  • Need Kosher lubricant? Rabbis have given the approval for a line of personal lubricant
  • Police discover a cat high on cocaine. Yeah, you read that right
  • Aaron and Grant debate the recent Pacific Rim
  • Aaron, Grant, and John play Patent Pending

Episode 5 – Lord of the Pies


Our very special 5th episode!

  • John Christian S. joins us as our first second-time guest and debuts our intro music
  • Aaron rants against the 1980s and it’s leader, Prince
  • John offers some constructive criticism of our last podcast
  • The gang tries to talk about how a poor copy of Action Comics #1 was found, but gets off track, of course
  • Grant and Aaron play Red Light Green Light again with John acting as Judge. Can Grant beat Aaron’s undefeated status?
  • John’s stalker has forced her way into a future Podcast Podcast episode